What is Volt?

Volt is Istanbul’s inner-city ridesharing platform. It is a real-time mobile application that connects people going in the same direction. Volt provides passengers with a smarter, faster, and more convenient form of transportation. It allows you to get to where you’re going in the comfort of a car by just sharing the cost of the ride!

Is it legal?

We wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t :). Yes, Volt is completely legal. Voltconnects you with car owners who are already going in your direction and allows youto share the cost of the ride. Volt does not allow car owners to make a profit andhas a zero-tolerance policy for any conflicting activity.

How can I sign up on Volt?

Just download Volt from the Google Play or App Store, login with Facebook, andverify your phone number. Then start sharing!

I don’t have a car. Can I still use Volt?

Of course! Volt connects car owners and passengers going in the same direction. If you are a passenger, just set your destination so that Volt can find you a car!

Is it free to use?

Yes! Download the app and tell us where you want to go. Using Volt is free, but when you share a ride with a car owner going in the same direction, you will also share the cost of the ride. The cost of the ride is calculated by Volt, and you can seethe amount when you set your destination.

How does Volt calculate the cost of my ride?

The cost of the ride is calculated based on the car owner’s driving expenses for the distance travelled. It accounts for gas, parking, tolls (OGS/HGS), car insurance, depreciation, and maintenance. On average, it amounts to 0.60TL/KM.

How do I find a ride?

Just set your destination, and tap on “Find a Car”. Volt will start looking for cars around you. If there is a car going in your direction, Volt will notify both you and the car owner. You will be prompted with a “Car Found” screen. If the car owner is not going to your exact destination, you may be first asked to accept or decline. Otherwise, you will directly see the car approaching your location. You will always be able to look at the profile details of the car owner (including a call option)

Is it safe?

Yes! More than any other form of transportation! :slightly_smiling_face: At Volt, safety is our top priority, and we are constantly developing new safety features. Below is a list of other features that make Volt the safest way of sharing a ride in İstanbul:

  • Communities: You can join your residential, company, or university communities on Volt by verifying your community membership. This helps us connect you with trusted community members such as university students, company employees, and residential compound residents.
  • Ratings & Reviews: Users rate & review each other at the end of each ride and each user’s rating is shown on their profile.
  • You are in control: Who you share your ride with is completely up to you. You have the choice to approve/decline any ride.
  • Mutual Friends: You can see your Facebook mutual friends with other Volt users.
  • Turkish ID Verification: Volt verifies Turkish ID numbers; you can see a verification badge on car owner profiles.
  • Car Owner Interviews: Volt interviews active car owners to verify their driver details and car profile. You will see a “Volt Interviewed” badge on verified profiles.
  • Credit Card Verification: Passengers are required to verify their credit card before sharing a ride.
  • Females Only: Female users can choose this option so that their rides and requests are only visible to other female users.
  • Share your ETA: You can always share the ETA of your ride with your friends. This will allow your friends to watch your ride live on the map.

What are the Communities on Volt?

Communities on Volt is a unique security feature designed so that you can share a ride with people like you. Communities are Residential Compounds, Companies, and Universities. When you join your communities on Volt, they show up on your profile. Communities provide you with reliable information about the people you are going to share a ride with and allow for more comfortable and enjoyable rides!

How can I join a community?

Joining a community on Volt is easy. Just go to Menu > My Communities > Join A Community. In order to maintain safety on Volt, Volt requires you to verify your community membership. You can do this by verifying your community email address or ID card. Communities on Volt include Universities, Companies, and Residential compounds. If you can’t find your community, let us know by Suggesting a Community!

I don’t have Facebook. Can I still use Volt?

Unfortunately, not yet. Currently, Volt uses Facebook login for security purposes. The Facebook network also allows you to connect with people you can trust by showing mutual friends.

I don’t live in Istanbul. Can I still use Volt?

Unfortunately, not yet. Because Volt’s mission is to solve traffic in Istanbul, we are currently focusing on Istanbul. However, in the near future we plan to expand to other cities!

I forgot something in my ride. What can I do?

No worries. Let us know by sending an email at support@thevoltapp.com. A Volt team member will handle this.

I am unhappy with one of my rides. What can I do?

First, rating and reviewing the car owner at the end of the ride is reallyimportant. Our goal at Volt is to have 100% enjoyable rides, so we ask that you letus know about it by emailing us at support@thevoltapp.com. That way, we cantake any necessary action as soon as possible.

Can I pay with cash?

In order to ensure the safety of all users on Volt, cash payments are not supported. In order to share a ride on Volt, you must have a valid credit card registered. This allows you to share the cost of the ride calculated by Volt directly over the app at the end of your ride.

Who can drive on Volt?

Anyone with a private car who drives in Istanbul can download Volt, sign-up, and immediately start driving!

Is it legal?

We wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t :). Yes, Volt is completely legal. Volt allows you to earn back only your driving expenses by connecting you with passengers whoare already going in the same direction. Volt does not in any way support the usefor commercial or profit-driven purposes.

What is the Volt Miles Program?

The Volt Miles Program is a program that rewards car owners for the distance they drive while using the app. Just by opening the app, car owners earn Mile Points for every KM they drive, and they earn even more as they pick up passengers.

How can I earn Volt Miles?

You can start earning Volt miles immediately simply by tapping on “Start Driving”.
How it works:

  • +1 Volt Mile for every KM you drive. (with or without passengers)
  • +2 Volt Miles for every KM if you have a passenger
  • +50 Volt Miles if the passenger gives you a 4+ star rating

What are Volt Miles used for?

You can use your Volt Miles to choose from a range of free products and services as well as many discounts. Here are just a few examples of what you can get with Volt Miles.

  • 50 Volt Miles : Febreze Car Air Freshener
  • 150 Volt Miles : Çiçeksepeti 20% Discount
  • 300 Volt Miles : Cinemaximum Movie Ticket
  • 600 Volt Miles : Sonax Carwash
  • 800 Volt Miles : 40TL Gas
  • 2.500 Volt Miles : Mobil Oto Servis Car Maintenance
  • 35.000 Volt Miles : Apple Watch
  • 45.000 Volt Miles : iPhone 6

Can I make money on Volt?

Of course! When you share your ride on Volt, the passenger pays for the cost of your ride. Volt calculates the cost of the ride based on your expenses. The passenger’s payment is done right over the app and transferred directly to your account.

How much can I make per month?

On Volt, how much you earn is completely up to you! The more rides you share, the more you will earn. Passengers pay for the cost of your ride; so, by driving with Volt every day, you can earn back all of your driving expenses (~500₺ per month). Note that passengers will only be allowed to pay for the cost of your ride. Money you earn on Volt cannot exceed your driving expenses, so you are not able to make profit on Volt.

How much does using Volt cost me?

Absolutely nothing. On the contrary, Volt aims to help you earn back your driving expenses.

How does Volt calculate the cost of my ride?

The cost of the ride is calculated based on your driving expenses for the distance travelled. It accounts for gas, parking, tolls (OGS/HGS), car insurance, depreciation, and maintenance.

How do I receive my payments?

Just add your IBAN number, and all your payments will be transferred directly toyour account! There are no cash payments on Volt. At the end of each ride, thepayment will be completed via the passenger's registered credit card. Your earningswill accumulate in your Volt account throughout the month and will be transferred toyour bank account at the beginning of each month.

How do I find passengers?

Volt uses smart matching algorithms to find you passengers. You can immediately “Start Driving” and Volt will continuously search for passengers along your way. If there is a passenger going in your direction, Volt will notify you with a “Passenger Found” screen. Here, you will see the passenger’s location on the map, their name and rating, your estimated time of arrival at their location, and how much you will earn. Your phone will start ringing (so make sure you have the sound on your phone turned up), and you will have 45 seconds to accept the passenger. Once you accept the passenger, Volt will navigate you to the point of pick-up. You can always tap on the passenger’s name to see their profile details and call them if necessary.

How can I trust passengers on Volt?

For starters, Volt verifies the phone number and Facebook account of everypassenger. You can also access the profile details of a passenger you are matchedwith, where you will find the passenger’s communities, ratings & reviews, and yourFacebook mutual friends. After reviewing a passenger’s profile, if you still do notfeel comfortable sharing your ride, you are free to simply decline. At Volt, safety is our #1 priority, and we are constantly adding new features to increase trust.

Do I have to share my ride with every passenger going in my direction?

Absolutely not. Sharing your ride is completely up to you! When you are matched with a passenger, you always have the option to accept or decline.

Does declining passengers negatively affect my Volt Miles?

Nope! Who you share your ride with is your decision, and we respect that. However, remember that you always earn more Volt Miles by sharing your ride!

How does the Rating System work?

At the end of each ride, the car owner and passenger are asked to rate and review each other. Volt takes action upon any poor ratings or reviews. This helps us build a continuously more secure and reliable ridesharing platform. Users who repeatedly receive poor ratings and reviews may be suspended from Volt.

A passenger rated me unfairly. What can I do?

No worries. Let us know by sending an email at support@thevoltapp.com, and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

A passenger left a belonging in my car. What should I do?

Please send us an email at support@thevoltapp.com and a Volt team member will handle this.

What are the Car Owner Ranks in the Miles Program?

Volt Car Owners move up on the Leaderboard through the 5 different levels asthey earn Volt Miles!

  • Mini: 1-100 Volt Mile(s)
  • Experienced: +100 Volt Miles
  • Change Maker: Top 10% of Istanbul
  • Superhero: Top 5% of Istanbul
  • Voltron: Top 1% of Istanbul
Usually Car Owners with high rankings are the most experienced on Volt.

How do I join the Volt Miles Program?

Simply “Start Driving”. You will start earning Mile Points for each KM youdrive. Once you reach 100 Volt Miles, you will be contacted by a Volt team member to verify your profile. Also, you can always send us an email at arabasahibi@thevoltapp.com.

I have reached 100 Volt Miles, but have not been contacted yet. Why is that?

Because we are continuously conducting Car Owner Interviews, it may take some time for us to contact you. But you can keep driving and keep earning Miles! If you have any questions, you can always reach us at arabasahibi@thevoltapp.com.

What is the Car Owner Interview?

In order to continue to create a safe and trusted platform on Volt, we arrange interviews with car owners. The purpose of the interview is to meet with you and verify your profile. It is also an opportunity for us to share our tips on howto make the most of driving with Volt. After the interview, a “Volt Interviewed” badge is added to your profile, allowing other users to trust you more. You can also start claiming gifts from the Miles Shop once your Volt profile isverified. During the interview, the following verifications will be ensured:

  • Driver’s License
  • Turkish ID
  • Volt Car Profile
  • Current Insurance Policy
  • Car Permit
  • License Plate
Also make sure your car is present for the interview as we will have to inspect it.

Can I use Volt without being interviewed?

Yes, everyone who drives in Istanbul can use Volt. However, in order to make the most of Volt, you need to have a verified profile. After being interviewed, a “Volt Interviewed” badge is added to your Volt profile. This allows other users to trust you and increases your chance of sharing your ride. You can also start claiming gifts from the Miles Shop once your Volt profile is verified.

What disqualifies me from Volt Miles Program?

Safety is Volt’s #1 priority. Any activity that does not comply with Volt’sterms and conditions will not be tolerated. Also, if your rating drops below 4 stars, you will be disqualified from the Miles Program. Users who consistently receive bad ratings are usually suspended from Volt entirely. You can review Volt’s Terms and Conditions here.

How do members know that I am a qualified member of the Volt Miles Program?

After completing the car owner interview, a “Volt Interviewed” badge is added to your profile indicating that you are a verified Volt car owner. This helps passengers trust you more.

When do Volt Miles get deducted from my account?

Your Volt Miles will only get deducted under the following conditions:

  • One year after earning the Volt Miles
  • When you claim rewards from the Miles Shop

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