Volt 3.0 makes commuting easier!

Let’s first recall that Volt aims to make transportation in Istanbul easier, more comfortable, and more affordable. Volt allows you to get to where you’re going in the comfort and convenience of a car even if you do not own a car. What’s more is that you can now do this in real-time whenever you need. You can find a car going in your direction at the single tap of a button. And keep in mind, the price you will pay is  an added bonus - much more affordable than other alternatives.  

More convenient and more affordable. What are you waiting for?!


Earn back your driving expenses with a single tap!

The traffic, the hills, the gas prices, the parking, and the list goes on. But, one thing is for sure - driving in Istanbul is an equation with multiple variables. With each passing day, we face more and more distractions in traffic. So, our goal with Volt 3.0 was to make sure that Volt is not a distraction but rather benefits your driving experience. In other words, your life will be easier when you drive with Volt. Volt’s new features make it even simpler and faster to share your ride. Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and let Volt work for you. 😉


A Special Miles Shop for Drivers

For the past few weeks, we have focused on bringing new improvements to Volt’s Driver mode. Among these the one that excites us most and that we continue to develop is the Miles Shop. We opened to Miles Shop for everyone who has been supporting ridesharing in Istanbul by driving with Volt. We hope that you will enjoy the gifts as a token of our appreciation.


The only app that can make you 400 TL per month!

You heard that right!

Volt is probably the only app that helps you earn money. If you drive a car in Istanbul, you most likely subscribe to most of the below:

  • Your limits are tested by Istanbul’s traffic problem.
  • You spend at least 400 TL per month on gas, parking, car insurance, car maintenance, etc.
  • You spend a good 2 hours per day in traffic, most probably alone, like 80% of the other car owners in traffic.
  • That’s why we have traffic. And that where Volt steps in.


    Join the Competition on Volt and Earn Rewards

    At Volt, we are working to solve Istanbul’s traffic problem. However, we can only reach this goal with the support of those who drive in Istanbul. Since we couldn’t do it without you, we wanted to reward all of the car owners like you who are joining us on this mission. Car owners know that driving in Istanbul requires both patience and resilience. So, to make the road to a traffic-less Istanbul more exciting, we added a bit of entertainment and a bit of rewards to Volt.


    Expand your network with ridesharing

    On Volt, ridesharing is not just about making it to your destination.

    Apart from the time and money we spend in traffic, we all know the accompanying stress all too well. So with Volt, we dream of a 360 degree solution to traffic! ;)

    First, let’s quickly go over the main differences between Volt and other transportation services:

    1. Volt is a social platform, not a transportation “service” :)
    2. There are not “drivers” on Volt
    3. On Volt, people wantingly ride together


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